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Women with Crossdressing Partners

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Lovely picture of Joy About Joy Why should I? Beauty Tips for Men Lots more help for women What he can wear to look good Women's Beauty Tips for Men 1: Help me now!
Who is she?
Chloe Springfield

(Advice for
Real Ladies
only please)

2: Why does he crossdress? --3: What does it all mean?

4: Can I trust him? -- 5: Is he turning gay?

6: Can "she" be convincing? -- 7: Is "she" safe to take out?

8: Does he still love me? -- 9: Do I still fancy "her"?

10: Womens Writes: Karen -- Tanya -- Kristina -- Sandra --Julie

11: Isn't it against Christian teachings?

12: How to help Chloe help you

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NEW: Buy specially-made larger women's Jewellery for Him

13: Help for Him Section
  Personal Image Consultation  
Legal Advice - Trans Equality Gender Trust Press For Change

Partners and Family Advice -

Beaumont Society

Safe and welcoming
Where he can meet others
LivinDoll "Beauty Tips for Men"
Joy, above right.

Gender Recognition Panel

Breast Forms for Men How men can tell their wife or partner!
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Ladies Shoes Wigs etc. Ladylikeshop to give him some cleavage!
Skirts Dresses etc. TransPhoto gallery (for his pictures)
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Eyelashes Help with his Makeup Helplines for Hubby


14: Help for Her Section

UK Angels Support
(Yahoo Group members)


Site Search

Family & individual support for Teenagers and Children with gender identity issues


Just for fun - Dull Men
Gender Identity Research & Education Society Charity
Women's Environmental Help Network

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Breast Cancer

Helping Women Help Each Other

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Female to Male advice

Report All UK Transphobic Incidents

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