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Your tights and undiesWomen are more nurturingOK, it can be a real shock to come home unexpectedly to see your man wearing your tights, and maybe the rest of your kit as well! Maybe he looks terrible, maybe he even looks (or could look?) better than you feel you do! Either way, you are far from alone.

What you need is the intuition and caring, sharing wisdom of other women who can be your counsellors. I know quite a few crossdressing men and their partners, and we can discreetly share your experiences, listen to any worries, advise and help you cope.

I don't know anywhere else on the web that quite does this, although I know there is a huge need. I do feel a better person for understanding it, and so will you. And it doesn't cost you anything!

Unfortunately I can no longer offer direct help by email, due to the colossal volume of requests. Likewise, I regret that "Ladylike Voices", our chat group has now closed. You can still look through these help pages, which I revise whenever I can, and you'll feel so much better!

Chloe Springfield can help you

Why does he do it? (Please read this)

Chloe's own Corner


I regret group and direct email counselling support has had to be withdrawn due to overwhelming demand.

There is still plenty of help in the Ladylike site for both women and men.

Please see below.

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Remember the chances are overwhelmingly that he isn't gay and he loves you.

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