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Serious Chloe"Why does he do it?"

A great deal has been written on this subject. No-one really knows. All social groups of men are affected. Probably it is genetic. After all, before birth all embryos start out as female - why else would men have nipples as well as women? For a host of reasons, such as if the mother was subjected to stress during her pregnancy, the amount of oestrogen and testosterone within her (we all have both to a greater or lesser degree) may have varied at a critical time in the development of the foetus. This can give a predisposition towards having a female brain in a male body. It is much less likely that a female will have a male brain, simply because female is the human "default" state.

Perhaps his mother wanted a girl, and kept telling him so. Maybe he was always brought up with girls, and was conditioned to behave like them. Perhaps satin and velvet are just more snuggly than denim and wool! Perhaps the grass always looks greener for the opposite gender, like in the advert below, where men have to pay more.Anti-male Discrimination!

Notice ads rarely feature a man, but usually a rich, beautiful, fashionable and female model. Why? To give a subtle message that buying will make us feel more like we can live her fantasy lifestyle. Why assume men aren't influenced by all the ads aimed at women? They cartainly are. They may not rush out and buy that particular lipstick, but unconsciously some absorb the message - they want to be like that lovely young model too. Ads do work, but the result may be unexpected. In this ad on the right, note that a man could save himself £5 just by dressing as a woman.

"Come on, I watch ads for men's razors but I don't use them... Well all right, maybe on my legs."

Probably none of the above are conclusive in themselves, it is a combination of factors. Think of the conflict that religion or race have caused, through ignorance. When we stop to think, we know that as with belief or skin colour, many shades are valid. We are none of us 100% male or female. Women are are usually about 10% male, and have hormones of the opposite sex both naturally, and from the food we eat. The opposite is also true. One example is that some women have more or stronger hairs on their bodies than others or always wear trousers, but are no less women.Not Ann Widdecombe at all Some men eat more foods like tofu, which contains a lot of female hormones, or are really good at knitting, but are of course no less men. It is perfectly possible for a person to be born 60% male, 40% female inside (or even 50-50) without any implications for their sexual preference.

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"Can I stop him?"

Well you could, but only temporarily. The chances are, you will only make it a big guilty secret. Then neither of you will be happy, and the issue will be unresolved. There is increasing medical evidence that some men really can have a female brain in a male body. A tiny area in the centre of the brain concerned with gender identity (not sex) has been proven to be small in females and those who want to look like them, but large in males. But he definitely can't stop himself, even if he promises to, so don't try to make him if you love him.

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